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One of the great things about the movies at Wifey’s World is that they’re all shot by Hubby, or on a stand, but for the most part, they’re shot in a POV style that makes it appear Wifey is doing you! This scene is one of my favorite all time Wifey scenes, she’s laying on her back, Hubby is fucking her hard, and her tits are rocking back and forth like crazy. With Wifey totally getting off, closing her eyes and moaning with each thrust, it’s like you’re right there sliding it in yourself. Watch this hot clip!

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Watch out Rachel Rey, there’s a big boob Wifey showing off her skills in the kitchen. I must say, Wifey looks incredible in this picture/movie scene where she’s doing a little “work” in the kitchen. Her big boob are spilling out of her apron, with absolutely nothing underneath. Wifey tries to decide what to make for lunch, but Hubby has other plans. He’s horned up and ready to give her a cock sandwich with a creamy filling, which Wifey happily accepts. Take a look at this hardcore action with Wifey and Hubby doing in the kitchen only @ Wifey’s World!

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I bet if you ever saw Wifey from wifeysworld.com in person, you’d never guess that she’s a cum hungry, sexually open woman that she is. Hubby is certainly a lucky man, Wifey loves to fuck, she loves giving slow handjobs, love to tit fuck, but I think most, she loves sucking cock and taking huge loads of cum to her face. At her site Wifeys World, you will find more videos of her giving blowjobs and swallowing cum, than you will of her fucking and hubby cumming inside her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she loves that too, she loves it all.

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Wifey Working Out

Wifey doesn’t get a slamming body by eating mac and cheese all day, she stays fit and works out. Although most women don’t get the privilege of a home gym, it’s a must for Wifey who enjoys pumping iron topless. Have you ever heard that when you’re exercising, to look at the muscle parts you’re working to really isolate them? If that’s true, Wifey is trying to make her tits bigger! Wither that’s or she’s just an exhibitionist. I think it’s the latter. Check out wifey doing some squats and just wait until the “trainer” gets home.

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Wifey Lounging Around

Can you imagine going home everyday to Wifey? You’ve got a hard day at work, then you come home to this beautiful, busty blonde all done up and ready to fuck. If her huge thirty-six double D’s busting out of her shirt isn’t enough to get you hard, Wifey is happy to take it off to show you what you’re really craving.

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I love women in business suits, they exude power, and it’s just plain sexy. I’ve always had a fantasy of having one of my bosses at work, just taking her in her office, removing her suit and playing with her big tits. They’re so well covered in her suit coats, but you can tell they’re quite large. This scene from Wifey’s World is basically my fantasy at work. Wifey dresses up like a sexy business woman, then role plays with her husband who’s really boss. Her husband is looking for a raise, but in this economy Wifey is going to give him a different kind of raise. Now this is what I call economic stimulus.

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Wifey is getting ready to soak her big 36DD’s in the bathtub, but decides to show off her new little pink nighty first. Her big juggs barely fit, but she happily spills them out to play with them. Hubby loves it when Wifey rubs her big tits and pinches her large nipples. With all the action Hubby is giving her, no wonder why she loves taking baths ;-).

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Wifey showing off her big tits. These 36DD cup titties never looked so good.

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